Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Basic Installation of Buried Scraper Conveyor

The Basic Installation of Buried Scraper Conveyor

Any device in the production process is completed, we need to install before they can be precisely later normal production. How to properly install buried scraper conveyor has become the decisive factor whether it can run properly, let's take a look masse installation steps:
1.Location: First fix the position of the nose and tail, and then fix the center line buried scraper conveyor.
2.Laying in the middle slot: The conveyor centerline fixed for laying in the middle slot. Laying flat surface conveyor needs, as there are within conveyor plane excessive bending, it will inevitably lead to discontinuity two chains, accelerated wear chain and groove wall, and even card chain.
3.Installation nose and tail: the nose and tail should leave some space, ease of maintenance and repair, wheel centerline perpendicular to the centerline of the conveyor, and the level of assurance.

Buried Scraper Conveyor

4.Install scraper chain: Before installing the scraper chain, should be pre-connected, the blade should be uniformly distributed in the chain, the chain length should be equal, without reversing the phenomenon.
5.Check and idling: After conveyor installed, should be fully checked and start conveyor. Idling two hours, mainly the drive means and the blade is functioning properly, at the same time, adjust the length of the chain.
6.Check: First, head to the upper and lower scraper chain connected. ? Then pull the tail section or the lower scraper chain, the scraper chain tension, and finally take the appropriate length, and at the end of the scraper chain link. At this point, the host and are installed scraper chain

Buried Scraper Conveyor chain

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