Thursday, December 24, 2015

Scraper Chain Selection Principles (1)

The reasonable selection of scraper and chain depends on its structure form, chain pitch, scraper pitch and material of construction. When choosing, people should pay special attention to meet the requirements of production capacity, and make the scraper & chain have the adaptability to material.

1. Selection of Scraper Structure Form
The scraper structure form determines the transportation effect of buried scraper conveyor. It could get a good effect through the reasonable selection of scraper. Otherwise, the improper selection of scraper may cause poor transportation effect, even failure.

On the condition of meeting the adaptability to material, the selection principle is to choose the scraper simple in structure. In the specific use, the scraper can be chosen according to the material features (viscosity, suspension property and fluidity), conveyor trough width and conveyor arrangement form. 

1) The material has good transportation property: the scraper in simple shape is preferred, such as T-type, V-type, U-type, etc.
The material has small internal friction coefficient, strong suspension property and high fluidity: complex shape scraper should be used, such as H-type.

2) The material has heavy viscosity, or the viscosity becomes big after the material moisture absorption: in order to reduce the material adhesion on the scraper, and unload and clean material easily, it is better to choose simple structure scraper, such as T-type, V-type, U-type, etc.

3) The material is easy to float chain: the scraper can be inclined position welded.

4) The trough width of buried scraper conveyor is smaller: it is appropriate to use simple shape scraper. When the material with large bulk density is transported in bigger conveyor trough, in order to increase the scraper rigidity, it is recommended to use O-type scraper with diagonal strut. 

5) The buried scraper conveyor is horizontal installation: T-type, U-type or V-type scraper is generally used.
Conveyor vertical installation: V-type and U-type scrapers in outward form arrangement are usually chosen.
Z-type buried scraper conveyor: V-type scraper in inward form arrangement.
Ring-lock (MK type) buried scraper conveyor: V-type scraper in outward form arrangement.
Planar ring structure (MP type) buried scraper conveyor: L-type scraper in outward form arrangement.
Facade ring structure (ML type) buried scraper conveyor: V-type scraper in outward form arrangement. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Troubleshooting of Buried Scraper Conveyor

Deviation of chain scraper
1.         The whole equipment installed improperly; casing straightness is too large; wheel axle deflection; head, tail wheel misalignment.
2.         casing transmutation
3.         Tail wheel inclines after adjusting the take-up unit
1.checked the  installation quality
2.Adjusting the casing
3. readjustment
Chain scraper break
1.         Chain wear
2.         The conveyor Overloading operation result in the strength is not enough.
3.         Some hard material fallen into the closed trough and locked the scraper
1.Change chain
2.Eliminate long time overloading operation
3. After manual discharging the machine should feeding uniformly
Chain scraper bent result in break
1.         Casing are not straight
2.         The location of flange is offset then locks the scraper.
1.checked the  installation quality
2.dismantled original installation and install it again
During the operation of chain scraper, it gives out excessive noise
1.         Some hard material fallen into the closed trough
2.         Some chain with looseness or Inflexible faults
1.clear debris
2.change chain
Head wheel not fit in with chain scraper well
1.         Head wheel chain inclines; Casing misalignment
2.         The chain is wearing out after long time operation
1.rectify head wheel shaft
2.change chain

Monday, December 7, 2015

Have You Known the Type of Scraper and Chain of Buried Scraper Conveyor?

Scraper chain is not only the traction artifacts of buried scraper conveyor, but its bearing components.It is usually made of different types of chain scraper and welded together.Whether scraper chain to choose properly or not will directly affect the transmission effect of buried scraping machine and running effect.Here PK Machinery will introduce the basic type of scraper and chain used for buried scraper conveyor as follows.
ms scraper-chain-conveyor

In order to meet the actual needs of buried scraper conveyor various operations, according to the nature of the material being conveyed, different machine groove width and transport capacity of the conveyor, a variety of types of blades and chains.
(1)The types of the scraper
According to the shape classification:
1.flat scraper (such as T-type)
2.framework scraper (such as U-shaped, V-type, H type)
3.a side pull type scraper (such as L-type)
4.three-dimensional angular blade or the like
A U-type & V-type scrapers: widely used and suitable for horizontal, inclined and vertical transmission
B T-type & L-type scrapers: apply to horizontal transmission
C H-type scrapers: appropriate for square cross section conveyor
D cleaner scraper: blade mounted on the bottom and sides of the rubber, neoprene, leather or canvas cleaning sheet to remove left in the machine residual material shell, but also to prevent the most viscous material bonded to the inner wall of the housing, when pumping viscous materials can be 5 to 10 mer install a particular type of blade every such.


(2)The types of the chain
1.Bush roller chain:flexible rotation, low friction in meshing process, low specific pressure and small abrasion/the chains must be replaced in pairs if its weight heavier 
2.Die forging chain: simple structure, light weight, high strength, reliable operation and convenient assembling & dismantling
3.Double chain: 
1)advantage:high carrying capacity, reliable operation and convenient assembling & dismantling
2)disadvantage:heavy weight,so that it can’t be designed according to equal strength 

scraper and chain