Saturday, February 27, 2016

How to Resolve Chain Deviation of Buried Scraper Conveyor

1. Check installation quality and take measures to correct mounting dimensions.

1) Check and adjust the flange connections between conveyor casings, make sure the connections are smooth and tightly sealed.

2) Adjust the clearance between chain and conveyor trough. The appropriate clearance value will guarantee the conveyor to operate normally, reduce energy consumption, extend the service life of chain scraper & conveyor trough, and improve transport efficiency.

3) Check and adjust the surface flatness of guide rail. The joints between guide rails should be smooth.

4) Check and adjust head and tail pulleys, which should be on one center line and correct meshing.

5) Correct and replace the deformed scrapers.

6) Repair and replace the worn-out guide rails.

7) Adjust the tension device, make sure the elastic of chain & scraper is moderate, and the tensile force of left and right sides are the same.

2. Adjust material drop point.
Material impact is one of important factors that cause chain deviation. The solution is to install a retaining plate at the inlet. In this case, the material will fall in the middle position of scraper & chain to make sure the chain will be uniformly forced, so as to reduce chain deviation.

3. Install baffle plates on both sides of the chains to prevent deviation phenomenon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How to Select a Proper Scraper Conveyor

1.Name of material __
2.Material density __ t/m3
3.Handling capacity of conveyor__ t/h
4.Temperature of material__℃.
5.Average particle size __mm, max.particle size__mm.
6.Level or inclined conveying?
If level, please inform distance between inlet and outlet__m
If inclined,please inform level conveying distance:__m,
Vertical height:__m
Inclined angle:__°
7.Voltage:__V, frequency__HZ,3phase,driving device brand:__
8. Ambient temperature__℃.

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