Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How to Select a Proper Scraper Conveyor

1.Name of material __
2.Material density __ t/m3
3.Handling capacity of conveyor__ t/h
4.Temperature of material__℃.
5.Average particle size __mm, max.particle size__mm.
6.Level or inclined conveying?
If level, please inform distance between inlet and outlet__m
If inclined,please inform level conveying distance:__m,
Vertical height:__m
Inclined angle:__°
7.Voltage:__V, frequency__HZ,3phase,driving device brand:__
8. Ambient temperature__℃.

scraper conveyor

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  1. The diagram of the scraper conveyor was really helpful. There is a lot more factors that go into choosing one than I thought. It's helpful to be made aware of these different items.