Monday, October 19, 2015

What is the operation note of scraper conveyor?

Before using the scraper conveyor, we must understand the characteristics of the conveying material, material with big lump, density and moisture content is not allowed to convey. Each type of scraper conveyor has it specific capacity, the conveying efficiency will be highest when casing is filled with material. In the process of using scraper conveyor, if the operation is inappropriate, it will make the motor overload and affect the production, so please note the following points concerning the operation:
Operation notes before start-up
1. Check if the of central slot buckle connections are in good condition;
2. Check if the oil amount of lubrication part is enough;
3. Check if the connecting bolts of the head and tail section are firm;
4. Check the tightness of the scraper chain;
5. Check the cable and joint are in good condition;
6. Check if the sound is normal during operation;
7. After the completion of checking all above mentioned items, then the scraper conveyor can be put into use.
chain scraper conveyor design
Operation notes during running
1. Check the cooling water ,gearbox and motor temperature during running at any time;
2. Check the if there is any abnormal sound of gearbox and other transmission components;
3. Idling running for several cycles before stopping the scraper conveyor in order to discharge the material inside the conveyor which is convenient for maintenance and another operation;
4. Material flow should be uniform in order to avoid overload operation;
5. Please observe if there is chain jumping during the operation of the scraper conveyor, once happens, please stop and check immediately.

inclined chain scraper conveyor

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